Demag Cranes

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EOT Cranes

Cranes : For handling and storage tasks, there’s virtually no alternative to the Demag crane. From standard to fully automatic process cranes, Demag offers solutions to meet application requirements for all industries

> Electrical Overhead Travelling (EOT) cranes- Single Girder upto 10T and Double Girder upto 80T
> Underslung / suspension cranes
> Semi portal and full portal (Goliath) Cranes
> Crane Sets
> Process Cranes
> Open winch units / Open Winch Crabs
> Electrical and Electronic Components
> Crane Travel Units

KBK Systems

A System Designed for handling loads upto 3200kg which allows you to build a wide variety of cranes and suspension monorails from a few standard components. Whatever the variant all KBK material handling solutions utilize the space beneath the space beneath the ceiling, freeing valuable floor space for other productive activities

Single Girder Suspension Cranes
Single Girder Suspension cranes use KBK classic components to provide fast and safe area serving overhead handling with exact positioning of a wide variety goods.
The cranes do not require additional supports for the crane runway as they can be simply suspended from the superstructure
Flexible ball and socket connections between crane girder and end carriages enable these crane to operate on non parallel tracks as well.

> KBK ergo-for handling of applications with upward forces
> KBK Aluline- the aluminium version for smaller loads

JIB Cranes

Low deadweight- large outreach

Pillar-mounted Jib Cranes

Free standing workplace cranes that be installed at almost any location. It features wide operating radius and low jib deadweight that permits simple traversing of the jib at any load positions. Available with motorized or manual slewing
Wall-mounted Jib Cranes
Workplace cranes can be mounted on walls, columns or machinery saving precious floor space. Can also be used as tool tracks for improved handling of testing devices, tools, cable or house suspension racks.
> Suspension Monorails
> Single and Double-Girder Suspension Cranes
> Pillar and wall-Mounted Slewing Jib Cranes

Rope Hoist

Efficient and ergonomic compact hoist and support units offer a wide variety of load capacities, speeds and features for maximum safety and reliability. They provide optimum relief for the physical burden of the worker and therefore, greater efficiency and speed for handling, transport and assembly operations.

> DR Rope Hoist
> Trolleys and Drive s
> Manu lift
> Electric Rope Winches
> Rope Balancers
> Trailing Cable Power Supply Lines

Chain Hoist

Demag Chain hoists are user-friendly load handling products for a wide variety of applications

> DC Chain Hoist

Demag Drives

Configure drive solutions for every application with Demag’s comprehensive range of dive products. Each component is designed and tested for unbeatable functional reliability, and manufactured with maximum precision and quality. Demag also supplies complete drive units of precisely matching parts, ranging form travel wheels with housing and grearboxes to motors and frequency inverters.

> Travel unit components
> Electric motors
> Brake motors
> Gearboxes
> Geared Motors
> Microspeed Drives
> Frequency Inverters